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On Pain -Part2 and Nature's way of Balance

Sequel to my blog ON PAIN

Split lives-Karma-Transformation

This is my 3rd attempt to finish off from where I ended on my earlier blog  ON PAIN. My 2 attempts got lost unsaved due to internet malfunction and I hope this one turns out successfully.

In the blogpost ON PAIN, the focus was to develop an awareness on how we resist pain and live in fear of experiencing pain. The objective was to first identify that we live lopsided lives i.e we choose that which is beneficial and avoid that which is not according to our 'concept of goodness'. Our unresolved issues eat up our energy each moment until we allow ourselves to heal. We use energy to suppress energy that remains blocked within. The first part was aimed at emphasising the fact that all of us have been living conditioned lives and to seek the truth, one must observe that which is false. By seeing the false as false, the truth comes to surface. But the point is - are you willing to be peeled layer by layer? If you truly are, then you must realize that it would not be a pleasant experience. Hence that which is not pleasant, is obviously painful, and therefore only pain makes you conscious of your existence in the moment and the life of lies that you have been living. (Also refer to my post on conditioned living)

We have all learnt in school the fundamental laws of energy -
  •  Energy cannot be destroyed nor created. It only changes form.
  • Electrical/ Magnetic energy has a positive and a negative side. Opposites attract. Like charges repel each other.
In our basic form, we are all moving masses of energy with varying layers of density. In essence we remain energy. We have taken shape by evolving from the invisible, universal field of energy - Like a wave from the surface of the sea. This ocean is a vast invisible expanse of intelligence (God consciousness) and has been creating unique waves ( The individual I AM consciousness) and will continue to do so unfathomable by the limited human intelligence.

The I AM consciousness is the only truth there is to each one of us. It is the only fact that never changes since our physical birth, growth & development and old age. To deny the fact that I AM, leads to the next immediate question - Who is denying ? Answer : I AM.

How this I AM developed layer after layer of conditioning starting with name, gender, religion, caste, nationality, etc.. is for the seeker to meditate and reflect upon his/her own life retrospectively. The 'self' has always remained in existence only in relation to 'the other'.  The whole existence is based on duality including ourselves. From the point of I AM everything has been categorized by ourselves into opposites. We have been splitting ourselves into that which we find acceptable/ that which we know (pleasure) and that which we reject/ that which we do not know (pain).

Influenced by fear, we contain suppressed and repressed thoughts and feelings (energy). Fear is always time-based. There is either the emotion of guilt/shame for thoughts-feelings-action belonging to the past or anxiety/excitment about the future. Whereas in love, it is always a feeling of timelessness and most-importantly a state of such thoughtlessness as though all thoughts have merged into the source within. Love integrates and Fear disintegrates. Love unites, Fear splits. In fact love and fear are not to be construed as opposites. Fear is the absence of love and love is the absence of fear. Just like the moon always exists even in broad daylight; only invisible due to the bright sunlight, the same is the relationship between fear and love. In fact love is the ocean from which fear arises like a wave.

Love is the inherent driving force of each form of creation (each I AM) to merge into one-ness with the other ( the I AM in the other). Even a stone has a consciousness of I AM. Without consciousness, the stone would no longer remain a stone with a definite visible form but disperse into invisible moving atoms and molecules. If I combine my I AM with your I AM and the I AM'ness within everything in existence, the I no longer remains - There is then, only the UNIVERSAL I AM. Psychologists such as Carl Jung called it the Collective Consciousness. You need to meditate on this concept with clarity to absorb the understanding.

The only law of nature is Balance. As long as I AM... Nature is! Without my consciousness (I AM), there is no world for me, nothing for me - including my own existence. So as long as I exist ( I AM), I will continue to live in the world of opposites governed by laws of nature, so perfectly designed that each opposite energy remains in perfect balance. That means, by nature, I am designed to co-exist with my opposite energy. That means, as much as I accept what is GOOD, I must accept what is BAD in equal measure. If i reject the BAD even in the smallest quantity, I create imbalance for myself. As my acceptance of GOOD increases disproportionately to the BAD, I am channeling all my energy towards this imbalance. When destiny brings forth events/people that serve the purpose of restoring this balance, I tend to reject them and create an endless conscious/unconscious struggle to maintain my imbalance due to my ignorance.

'Karma' is nothing but the unresolved struggle of imbalance carried over lifetimes. Each karmic debt paid is an act of restoring each act of imbalance. The act of living in split energy, reduces all the way until the initial balance is restored. But again, Karma exists only when I AM. The concept of Karma is prevalent only when existence with its pair of opposites governed by nature's law of Balance is perceived by consciousness ( I AM). Without my consciousness, the concept of Karma does not exist. If I AM NOT, NOTHING IS. This nothing is the source from which I AM'ness in each seemingly opposite forms arises. And it is the same nothingness in which all opposites merge into unity. That unity is the feeling of love. Love is the feeling in which I AM and YOU ARE merges into one feeling as WE ARE. There is no self. For self is the beginning of the chain of events creating opposites. LOVE is truly all accepting and it is the only unconditioned, pre-existing, primary energy binding everything in existence- For all rivers find their way to the sea!

As a final reference to the two points aforementioned concerning the scientific laws of energy, living out your Karmas simply means that in this life, you are a changed form. Events and people that you would tend to avoid or hate, often appear to you in this life for the purpose of acceptance and integration(opposite charges attract). Thus pain is the sensory signal of that which is eager to appear, be accepted and heal your inner wounds to return you to your wholeness.

Thus in our daily lives, we need to observe how we consciously/unconsciously split our energy. Instead of fighting our negative emotions, we need to breathe in the feeling, accept and integrate the same unto wholeness. You may have heard of the saying THAT WHAT YOU RESIST, PERSISTS. It is only that part of you waiting to be released from a blockage of not one, but perhaps many lifetimes.

So, accept all and resist nothing - You are THAT from which everything has appeared - The Good, The Better, The Best; The Bad, The Worse, The Worst.




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