Saturday, 8 December 2012

Splendid poems from THE BOOK OF MIRDAD - by Mikhail Naimy

THE BOOK OF MIRDAD is my no.1 favorite book - in fact if the essence from the words of this book could be absorbed by you, then you don't need any other spiritual books to guide you. It is no ordinary book. A dictionary would assist your mind in understanding the words. But it is your intuition that will guide you in absorbing the nectar of wisdom that the author offers. No wonder he did not feel the need to write any other book after this one!

God is your captain, sail, my Ark!
Though Hell unleash her furies red
Upon the living and the dead,
And turn the earth to molten lead,
And sweep the skies of every mark,
God is your captain, sail, my Ark!
Love is your compass, ply, my ark!
Go north and south, go east and west
And share with all your treasure chest.
The storm shall bear you on its crest
A light for sailors in the dark.
Love is your compass, ply, my Ark!
Faith is your anchor, ride, my Ark!
Should thunder roar, and lightning dart,
And mountains shake and fall apart,
And man become so faint of heart
As to forget the holy spark,
Faith is your anchor, ride, my ark!
And another poem from the same book which is truly motivating:
Though feverish days toss you hither and yon,
And starless nights enfold you in their gloom,
And you be cast upon the world’s crossroads,
With no footprints or signs to show the way,
Yet would you fear no man or circumstance,
And would you have no shadow of a doubt
That days and nights, as well as men and things
Would seek you soon or late and meekly beg you
To command them.
For you have gained the confidence of Night.
And he who gains the confidence of Night
Can easily command the coming day.

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