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SPIRITUALITY & MARTIAL ARTS: (Part 2)Jeet Kune-Do: A Spiritual Mirror

This is an article I had written a couple of years back as a tribute to the one who has inspired me and with whom I feel I share an eternal connection that transcends the barrier of time-space:

In one of my posts, BRUCE LEE'S ENLIGHTENMENT AND JEET KUNE DO, I had promised my readers that I would dedicate a separate post on Jeet Kune do which would describe in detail Bruce Lee's 'ENLIGHTENMENT'. So here is that article which took me more than a year to search and deliver:

JEET KUNE-DO: A Spiritual Mirror

Every martial arts master emphasizes the spiritual significance of martial arts as a means of attaining self-realization. Has it ever occurred to you - how can a warrior (fighter) indulging a fighter, speak of self-realization or enlightenment... when the essence of the latter is purely peace and harmony? If this thought has ever struck to you, then you are taking the 'first step on the journey of a thousand miles' as stated by the great Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu.

When you talk about self-realization or enlightenment, who is it that wants this? 
The reply is swift - I !
When you say 'I', what is that you are referring to? You are not what you think you are!

Take a look at any part of your body say, the palm of your hand.You are sure that it is of a certain shape with five fingers (thumb included) along with all the associated features. Now if you were to take the most sophisticated technology to enable your vision to penetrate deeper, what would you observe? Cluster of cells; further deeper - molecules, atoms and even clearly sub-atomic particles that denote nothing but vibration of energy. Upon the deepest examination, one will find space/emptiness in which this vibration takes place. 

It is thus, the great scientist Einstein shook the world of science by declaring that matter and energy are the same.
Whatever is observed and experienced is purely relative using time and space.

Thus for an object to exist, a subject must necessarily be pre-existing.Otherwise there is no question of existence or non-existence in that state of void. That void is nothingness or emptiness (in fact, cannot be described by words, but only by experiencing this truth) and yet from this nothingness springs forth everything. Thus energy - at - rest (nothingness) experiences a stirring within (energy in movement) and splits into 'seemingly' opposite forces: subject/object, man/woman, good/bad, yin/yang, push/pull, attack/defence and so on.

Upon this split, the opposite forces continue existing unaware of their true non-dual nature. It is consciousness that works through all the animated and non-animated objects. Humans are said to be made in God's own image because humans are the epitome of evolution known to us, as only humans have the ability to transcend the barrier of ego and experience this transcendence consciously. 'Ego' is the sum total of all thoughts and experiences of a living identity, which, is governed by genes and conditioning - genes obtained at birth and which activate at different stages in one's lifetime; conditioning is of the body and mind by the self and the 'others' depending on the environment of existence. The real YOU is what you were prior to your ego. Thus you are what you were prior to your birth (prior to the birth of your body and your consciousness of existence). This state, when meditated upon sincerely, will give you the glimpse of the eternal truth devoid of space and time - THERE IS NO 'I' - the state of void from wherein everything has generated. This is the state prior to the very feeling I AM or AHAM BRAHMASAMI (I AM ALL).

Jeet Kune-Do is a mirror to this self-realization as it embraces all forms of martial arts and yet is bound by none. There is no opposing of Karate, Tae Kwon-Do, Judo or any other form. Rather, Jeet Kune Do utilizes form from every possible source and yet remains unconditioned and non-crystallized by the form. It is ever-flowing as water ('Be water my friend!'). This is the true non-dual philosophy of Jeet Kune Do- non opposing, non-conceptualized, all embracing. It takes the individual to his her true source.

When Bruce Lee stated in the movie Enter the Dragon: 'I DO NOT HIT... IT HITS ALL BY ITSELF!'; he is a master pointing to the truth that there is no 'I'; there is no 'You'. There are no opponents. Energy is playing against energy. Through opposing forces of attack and defence, finally balance and harmony will be restored. 

Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Only forms change, but the end result is equilibrium. Hence, your opponent is not different from you but is in fact your mirror who simply reflects your inner self. As the Taoist philosophy expounds: Everything is for the Tao!

Below: Bruce Lee's favourite reminder to himself: WALK ON !

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