Friday, 25 January 2013

Healing by staring - closing the distance with lions and tigers

Face to face with your fears..

This post comes after a hiatus where yours truly has been going through some fears and fear of fears itself !

I was told by a very good friend that he raised a lion at his home in South Africa. He had taken great care of the majestic creature since it was an adorable cub all the way up to its youth. Once over a cup of coffee, one fine evening in Germany, he was sharing an interesting experience about his pet.

He recalled with awe a moment wherein he was lying over the belly of his pet lion and he was amazed how this strong beast's normal respiration alone was enough to rock him in the inhalation-exhalation/ up & down motion with ease. I could see his eyes sparkling and goosebumps on his forearm as he described a unique feeling of a somewhat mix of fear yet affection in the present moment that he was in then. He mentioned how he could feel many of his fears surfacing with the mighty beast's inhalation and the fear getting released with it's exhalation !

Not may of us would be that lucky to be so intimate with a lion or a tiger! A few days back I happened to remember this incident and I felt that to see a lion or a tiger stare alone is enough to send a chill down one's spine even if it is only a photograph or a desktop wallpaper.

Occasionally I sit silently looking deep into a tiger's eyes or a lion's eyes and see the beast reflecting my own fears back to me. I watch my fears come up, acknowledge them and feel them release from my system. I have even read of a martial artist who would go to the zoo and stare at a lion for minutes together and feeling its roar reverberate to the core of his body as though the lion was emanating power and grace to his body.

It is then no wonder, that many myths, religions and legends revolve around lions and tigers.

Why not get started off with your healing with some images alone??..

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